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Around --- of --- My best friend koshka created his own IRC server, at IRC.koshka.love. KoshkaIRC (named in honour of it's creators deceased cat) aims to... recreate... no rules, ANARCHY!. LISTEN KID, BILL GATES IS DEAD, AND WE HAVE PEOPLE OUT HERE UNIRONICALLY SAYING THE NIGGER WORD, WHAT THE FUCK -!- COMIC CHAT:
Tired of normal IRC clients with nothing more to offer than plain boring text? Perhaps you want a graphical overlay for IRC wich turns your massages into a comic strip? Well you're in luck my friend! For in 1996, Microsoft released Microsoft Comic Chat, and IRC client for windows that does just that! ...
KoshkaIRC even has its own dedicated channel for chatting via comic chat (#comicchat). Be sure to join in on our all day long Comic chat event, Comic chat caturday!